Is the winter finished?

Last day of the ski season: me and my girlfriend  decided to celebrated with a very short climb up, and an even shorter coming down together with my Dutch colleague and friend and then getting quickly ready for the city.

In this days the biggest city of Northern Italy is getting sparkling of designer, artists , architects and creative people ( as Arne always says…). I cannot miss it!!!

We take the train and by evening we are in Milan, ready to explore this 2016’s edition of the Salone del Mobile  and, what we like more, the  Fuori Salone.  Monday morning me and Marjolein we have a rendez-vous with a baby coming right from the north. We arrive in Lambrate, Via Ventura, and we saw our baby: an ice block, weighting 750kg, harvested 3 weeks ago, in the Thorne river, in Sweden, arrived right here for an installation of our friend Pieke Bergmans.

What we gonna do this time? no chainsaw, no chisel, no modelling, no shaping….we just have to place it and wait untill it will melt. Easy eh? It looks easy, but actually we have to list it up and place it in a middle of an alluminium bassin, on an alluminium table, without scratching it of course, and without any forklift….we plan to do it in 2 hours.

At the end, we started at 9 am , and we finished at 17 pm…..but is done, which is the main thing, and Pieke is happy that we did it while she was busy installing her light sculptures which are really imprassive and fragile.

We can celebrate it with few beers and a very nice dinner invited by our friend Pieke.

The morning after is my day off, so I start in the early morning: metro, destination Rho fiera, so visit the enormous salone del Mobile. I have a meeting at 12 with a Luxury Design Brand, so before I take a look in some stands, take some contacts and leave some catalogues. My meeting went well, maybe an interesting collaboration in the future, and I decide to go back to the Fuori Salone.I am so curious to see how is looking our baby, and I have to say it is pretty good, but a bit inclinated. Then we all get out and take a walk in Ventura , which is one of the most interesting part of the Fuori Salone. Nice people, nice installation and presentation of young and new designers. Soon unfortunately is time to run to the train and go home. But, just before going, an old friend from Holland just land in Milan, so is time again to celebrate. Sorry to leave, but i have to…

Short but full little break….a very nice way to escape a bit from the routine, after the long cold ( to be true not really)  season.

to be continued…