Curriculum Vitae

mau iceI’m Maurizio Perron and I was born in Torino the 18th of january 1977, I knew the art at 8 years old with the sculptor-teacher Franco Alessandria . At 11 I start some stages with the sculptor Guido Ronchail. After the school I started my professional life as Artist and I live in fr.jouvenceaux 10-10050 Sauze d’Oulx (TO) Italy From the 1999 I am the president and the teacher of the Jouvenceaux sculpture School From the 2003 I am the Art Director of the international sculpture symposium “Art in the forest” From the 2004 I am the Art Director of the international sculpture symposium “Art in the snow” From the 2005 I am agent of the “International Association of Monumental Sculptur Events” In the 2006 I was the Chief Builder of the “Snow Show” in occasion of the XX Olympic Games of Torino 2006, and for this project I collaborate with Yoko Ono, Arata Isozaki, Normann Foster, Jeaume Plensa, Kiki Smith, Lebbens Woods, Paola Pivi, Cliostraat, Patrick Buchen, Daniel Buren. From the 1987 till now i partecipate to more than 100 international sculpture symposiums, in 15 countries in 4 continents


2016 – International sculpture symposium of Condrieu , France (invitation)


International ice sculpture symposium in Valloire, France
International sculpture symposium of St. Blasien, Germany
International sculpture symposium Gare art festival, Luxembourg
Solo exibhition, Celina Art gallery, Luxembourg
Design and build of the Super Deluxe Suite of the Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden


Solo exhibition, Rosso Cinabrio gallery, Rome, Italy
International sculpture symposium in Hoyerswerda, Germany
International cement sculpture symposium , Luxembourg
Design and build the Icebar, Jukkasjarvi ( world premier of the iceglobe)


Gare Art festival, International marble sculpture symposium, Luxembourg
International wood Sculpture symposium of Kenzingen, Germany
Solo exibhition, Seikun Garou – Tokio – Japan
Design and building of the Icebar, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden ( team work with Tjasa Gusfors and Jens Thoms Ivarsson)


International snow sculpture festival – Valloire – France
Solo exhibition -Cima di Porlezza – Italy
International iron sculpture symposium – New York – USA
Private commission – Jukkasjarvi – Sweden
International sculpture symposium – Paudorf – Austria
International sculpture exhibition – Sydney – Australia
Solo exibhition – Toyama – Japan
International sculpture exibhiton – Shanghai – China
Design and making of a suite of the icehotel – Jukkasjarvi – Sweden


International sculpture exhibition in Tsinghua University – China
International sculpture symposium – San Michel de Maurienne – France
International sculpture symposium – Istanbul – Turkey
International Magnetite symposium. Jukaksjarvi. Sweden
International sculpture symposium – Oradea – Romania
International sculpture symposium – St. Blasien – Germany
Design and making of a suite of the icehotel – Jukkasjarvi – Sweden


Art festival “Out of Space” – Nederland
Marble sculpture symposium “back to stoneage” – Oulx- Italy
International stone sculpture symposium UKKSA- Turkey
International stone sculpture symposium “Greenart” -Ordu – Turkey
Alluminium sculpture symposium “gare art festival” – Luxembourg
Design and making of a suite of the icehotel – Jukkasjarvi – Sweden


International sculpture symposium of st. Michel de Mauriennne – France
International sculpture symposium of San Benedetto del Tronto – Italy
International sculpture symposium of Penza – Russia
International sculpture symposium of La Victoria – Spain
International sculpture symposium of Castelraimondo- Italy
International sculpture symposium “scolpire in piazza” of Sant’Ippolito-Italy


11th International sculpture symposium of Reana – Italy
2nd International sculpture symposium of Mirecourt – france
8th International sculpture symposium “Gare art festival” – Luxembourg
1st International sculpture symposium of Buding – France
1st International sculpture symposium of Posticciola – Italy
5th International sculpture symposium “art in the forest” of Sauze d’Oulx – Italy
17th International sculpture symposium of Rivoli – Italy
13th International sculpture symposium of St. Blasien – Germany
2nd International sculpture symposium of Penza – Russia
1st International sculpture symposium of Cordoba – Spain


16th international wood sculpture symposium – Rivoli- Italy
4th international alabaster  sculpture symposium – Volterra – Italy
3rd international Beton sculpture symposium – Palanga – Lithuania
6th international marble sculpture symposium – Julienne – France
7th international sculpture symposium “Gare art festival” – Luxembourg
4th international sculpture symposium “Art in the Forest” – Sauze d’Oulx – Italy
1st international marble sculpture symposum – Chiesa Valmalenco – Italy
1st International wood sculpture symposium – Thion – Switzerland
5th international sculpture symposium – Nimis – Udine – Italy
11th international sculpture exibhit – Sculpture by the Sea- Sidney – Australia
1st International granite symposium – Pergine – Italy
1st international sculpture symposium – Akita – Japan
Design and construction of a suite of  the Ice Hotel – Kiruna – Sweden


International symposium –St. Blasien_ Germany
International symposium of Cordoba- Spain
International symposium “Art in the Forest” – Sauze d’Oulx – Italy
International Symposium – Belluno – Italy
International Snow and ice Symposium – Maslelv – Norway Solo exibhition – Montepulciano – Italy


International symposium „Art in the forest“ Sauze d’Oulx – Italy
International contest “ regione piemonte”
International Biennal of Strada in Casentino – Italy
International Symposium Nueva Carteya- Cordoba- Spain


International symposium”Art in the forest” Sauze d’Oulx- Italy
International symposium Hojer-Denmark
International symposium Bibione ( Venezia)

2003 – International symposium Hojer-Denmark

2002 – International symposium Teulada_Italy


Contest Sauze d’Oulx -Italy
Triathlon of arts Les Karellis-France
Premio Arte 2001 Mondadori -Italy
International contest St.Michel de Maurienne -France
International contest  Rivoli -France
International contest St.Blasien-Germany
International contest Treviglio-Italy
National contest Rovigo –Italy
International ice contest Valloire -France
International snow contest Pila-Italy


International snow contest Ayas-Italy
International contest  Bramans -France
International contest  Liffol le Grand -France
International contest S.Michel de Maurienne-France
International contest Rivoli-Italy
International contest Les Karellis-France
International contest Marianna del 2000-France
International symposium Hupstedt-Lipsia –Germany
International stage in Carrara – Italy


International contest of Liffol le Grand -Italy
International contest Rivoli -Italy
International contest St Michel de Maurienne -France
Triathlon of arts Les Karellis -France
International contest  Auronzo -Italy
International contest S.Blasien –Germany
World ice contest Moscow -Russia
International snow contest Livigno-Italy


International contest-Auronzo-italy
Triathlon of arts of Les Karellis -France
International contest of  Les Karellis-France

International contest of S. Blasien-Germany

1997 – World  snow contest Breckenridge-USA
1995 – International stage-Aosta-Italy
1995-1997 – Sculpture contest-Sestriere-Italy
1990 – International snow contest Auronzo -Italy
1988 – International snow contest Auronzo –Italy
1987-1992 – International contest-Bardonecchia-Italy


2006 – Construction of The Snow Show, part of the Cultural Olympic Games of Torino 2006 2005           test events for The Snow Show



Collective for The Olympic Games of  Benjing 2008 – China 2005           Collective – Torino/Roma/Milano- Italy
Collective – Cultural Olympic Games- Torino 2006 – Italy


Collective – St. Michel de Maurienne- France
Collective – Cesana- Italy


Collective Campi Bisenzio -Italy
Collective exibhition Aprilarte-Campi Bisenzio-Italy


Collective Aprilarte Campi Bisenzio -Italy
Collective Valsusart Bussoleno –Italy
Collective Pratovecchio-Italy


Collective – Tenno (Italy)
Collective of young art Bussoleno –Italy


2006  – Installation with crystal sorrows – Nueva carteya – Spain
2004 – Land art Installation Carrara-Italy               


Fire performance Ischgkl-Austria
Land art Installation  Carrara-Italy

2000         Fire performance  Sauze d’Oulx-Italy



Originality Award – Rivoli – Italy
1st prize – Chiesa Valmalenco – Italy


Selected as the Chief Builder of The Snow Show
Merit Award for the Olympic Games of  Benjing 2008 – China


Jury special prize for a Olympic trophy


1°prize Pila
1°prize Sauze d’Oulx
1°prize – best interpretation of the thema  St.Blasien
Selected for a project for a monument -Rovigo

2000 – 3°prize Ayas

1998 – 1°pubblicum prize S.Blasien
1997 – 
1°prize Sestriere
1990 – 
3°prize Auronzo

1988 – prize of giury Auronzo

I have some public works and monuments in Germany, in the cities of St.Blasien and Hupstedt, in Denmark in the city of Hojer, in Spain in the cities of Nueva Carteya and Hinojosa del Duque, in Japan in the city of Akita, in Australia in city of Sydney, in France in the cities of Cognac, Mirecourt, Buding in Russia in the city of Penza, in Switzerland in the city of Thyon, in Lithuania in the city of Palanga,in China in the city of Beijing, in Sweden in the village of Jukkasjarvi, in USA in the city of New York, in Turkey in the cities of Ordu and Istanbul, in Italy in the City of Sauze d’Oulx, Nimis, Reana del Rojale, Chiesa