During my life, I tried the dust of many different materials, and I have to say I love all of them. Of course I have few preferences, but every material deserve my respect.

Wood, the first love. This the material that was easy and common to find up here in the mountains, and even the tools were easy to find in my grandfather hidden toolshop.

Stone, the noble. The main material in people’s though, and maybe it is. I started almost for joke, and then it turn as one of my more beloved media.

Snow and Ice, the present. Actually, this is the material I am working more at the moment, and is also the one which is giving me more visibility. I feel so lucky every time, because I can watch it….

Metal, I am a rooker. I am definetly a beginner in this, but I like to learn and challenge.

Land art, the new love. This is theĀ field where I am more interested to jump in. I did few projects, but I am really looking for new adventures.