The great Escape

In 2017 the famous Icehotel selected us, my collegue Mariolein Vonk and I, to design and create the Luxury Suite. The most exclusive and dreamed suite of the whole Icehotel!

We used a Huge amount of ice and snow, approx 30 tons of frozen water to create a new ambience in the arctic. We thought a lot about the concept of luxury, and we found out that the real new luxury is not about money, gold or anything like this. The new luxury is just about time. Quality time for yourself. Who still have a lot of time? Just kids.

We decided to create a suite where the guests can travel in time and go back to their firts years, when they even had time to build up a treehouse.

This suite has been a great success, and it had been visited by guests from all over the world.

See the whole process of the making of