The fence


I planned this work together with Ake for all the winter. I designed it, and we were supposed to work together and install it in Tuomo’s summer House. We had many phonecalls to arrange all, and in late may I was ready to fly up. I ttok my planes and during the stop over in Stockolm I called Ake just to let him know that my trip was in time.I ttok the last flight, from Arlanda to Kiruna. Landed and collected my luggage. I started to look around me to find Ake, but I couldn’t . In a corner I saw Cecilia, Arne ‘ girlfriend, and she said to me: “Hi, you Maurizio? I came to collet you. I have my car just outside”.

We went out, we jump on the car and before she start the engine she said to me: ” Ake just died on his way to pick you up ” . I had no words.

I didn’t know what to do, I had to go home, I had to stay ?Finally I talked with kattas and all the crew, and they were alla agree to me to stay. I started to work on this project, I talked a lot with Kattas, and in the main time teh Torne river started to melt . It was probably one of the strongest experience I had in my life, and I really missed Ake….now aswell.