Light thru

I got this invitation and I was even not sure to go. I remember few years ago i visited my good friend Stefan Ester , who was working here while I was working in St. Blasien, in the Black Forest. Well, I immediately noticed that it was an extremely boring place, all perfect, but boring…almost like everywhere in Swiss. I decided to go anyway, because I was really interested in trying to work with this stone. It’s a kind of marble, cream colour, pretty hard and vitreous. I took my wondefull Landy and I drove cross the French Alps and I arrived in this small village next to Fribourg. I immediatley understand the mood: just work and no party. Well, they pretend this…but we are artists, and free. The group starts to build up the energy and find the way to enjoy even the after work. But we also worked! In a short week I finished this monumenatl stone sculpture, that now is standing in a small square in front of the primary school of Matran.