What is happening now

Our Planet is made by a lot of water, let say water is the most part of the Earth. For us is normal, we are used to see rivers, lakes,rain….but if you really think about it, it’s amazing that most part of our life is made by water.

Water is made by one part of Oxygen and two part of hidrogen. When The temperature drop down, the molecular are getting closer and closer, as all the othe other material when know.  But when the temperature is near to the 0, well, the water start to be crazy and completely out of any law: it starts to expands!  And of course, because it expands, the frozen water ( from now called “the ice”) is lighter then normal water. Because of this, many fishes, little organisms and icesculptors can survive. Imagine if all the lakes and rivers and sea will become a huge big block of ice: any animal will die casted in the ice. The ice is one the strongest insulator, and it let all what is under his protection survive.

During  freezen, the molecules of the water  start to stay still, almost like when you are very scared of front of the most dangerous thing. They are still alive, thye can breath, talk silently, think….but not move. And they stay like this for days, months…sometimes even ages……can you imagine????

to be continued….