Il Campionissimo

Monument for the Campionissimo Fausto Coppi

In Italy we had many professional cyclist in the past and now.

For sure one of the most popular is still Fausto Coppi, known as “Il Campionissimo”.

The Community of Sestriere asked me to design and make a Monument to celebrate him.

This champion was aswell a very clear and simple man. That’s why I decided to make just a silhouette to let see what is behind. In this case the beautiful mountains are the perfect scenario

The monument was installed on tyhe 24th of october 2020, right when the crucial and last Tappa of the Giro arrived in Sestriere. For the only time in history Giro was not held in may, but it was moved to october, because of Covid.

For me it was a very special day, because the day before my son Arthur was born.

So I remember that I was at the opening of the Monument for Fausto Coppi and then I drove very quick to the hospital to visit my girlfriend and my little son.

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