Icehotel n°26, Day one

After a looong trip, and half of it with my collegue  for the next 3 weeks, I finally arrived in the north of Sweden. I could have been in Australia in 20 hours, but in this moment iof the year, I feel so lucky and priviliged to be here.

My collegue, Marjolein a dutch stylist who I met first time up here in 2007, my very first time in this wonderland. Years by years we get more and more in touch, and this is the first time we will work together…..will it be the end of a friendship?  Cross fingers !!!!

First wake up in the northern breeze, and first breakfast meeting. Refreshing memories of old friend’s faces, and feeling like one year was fast as one night; this is Jukkasjarvi, this is Icehotel.

…to be continued