Icehotel n°26, day 4 & 5

Finally, the 4th day, we placed our forst big block of ice.

Tchnical data: dimensions/ cm 75 x 100 x 230, weight / 1800 kg, color/blueish

It has been rahter tricky how to arise it and push it into the suite, but we got it. To complete the day we sniced the back wall, so is done.

The mornig after, we start rather early because the plan is complicated: put another big block on top of the vertical one! So we will have almost 2 tons on our heads for the next 2 weeks!! We build a “pallets tower” as support, and with the help of Mats, the big block is up, glued, slashed and we can go to lunch happy.

Aftyer lunch we arise another big block, but we have to be precise and make it very straight….during the levelling, all the Icehotel probably eard the death sound of an hard and heavy cube falling on a fluffy snow base. No problem, my partner Marjolein is saved, noone blessed, let’s take a new one. Luckly we have a big reserve of ice, so we have the permission to make few mistakes.

End of the day arrives soon, and we can really call it a day: 2 trees up, we know how to lift up the others, time for a chat with friends

To be continued