Back home

I am definetely back home.

I left the arctic and now I am ready for the southern winter, in the italian alps. So, no more northern lights, no more reendeers, no more 2 tons iceblock.

But, here we have the sun, we have the mountains and …….and……and we have no snow!!!!! Is a bit tragic to live in a small village up hill, in the middle of a huge skiresort, ready to welcome troups of tourists, and no snow! The most precious material is missed. My eyes are still filled up by all the white I got up in northern Sweden, that I cannot believe in my hometown everywhere is grey and green. So, a short refresh for those of you who are living in the Alps, just to remind you the colour of this wonderfull material. And don’t mind… will snow…..for sure. We don’t know when, nobody knows, but it will.

I think, we think, on the 4th of january, in the morning.

to be continued….